I have evaluated the books in their proper order, that is the sequence of publication of the French originals.

Do not pay attention to the numbers on the spines of Hodder Dargaud’s English versions: they are entirely (with one exception – they do manage to work out that Asterix the Gaul comes first) out of sequence. I suspect that this ordering came about because at the time the books were not translated in sequence – however now they have all been translated there is no excuse for Hodder Dargaud not to correct the numbering in future editions.*

Paging Mr. Confusion…

No, I have not got all the pages wrong. Following the practice of other Asterix sites, any page numbers are those of the actual strip and not the book as a whole. The later books include the page numbers on the strip itself; for the earlier books you will need to subtract the requisite number of pages (four in my case).

Going Solo…

From 1962 until 1977 the Asterix books were written by Rene Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo. Goscinny died in 1977 leaving a draft version of Asterix in Belgium, later completed and illustrated by Uderzo. The subsequent Asterix books until Asterix and the Fallen Sky were both written and illustrated by Uderzo. I’m sure the artist himself would acknowledge that the jointly written books of Asterix‘s prime are better than his solo efforts. However Uderzo remains a great illustrator and the artwork in those later books is as splendid as ever – so they are still essential purchases. Since Uderzo’s retirement in 2011 the books have been written by Jean-Yvres Ferri and illustrated by Didier Conrad.

Films can flick off…

Apart of a couple of early ones, the animated adaptations of Asterix are an insult to the intelligence so I’ve ignored them.

The original animation The Twelve Tasks of Asterix is not bad and span off a book tie-in. Because that book is in prose with illustrations it lies outside the scope of this site, which focuses on the comic strips. Same applies to ‘When Obelix Fell Into The Magic Potion”.

I have yet to see the Gerard Depardieu live-action films.

Some Kessler pinched by a knave…

Since originally publishing this site in 2000 I have read Peter Kessler’s excellent Complete guide to Asterix (Hodder 1995). Kessler includes some details that had totally passed me over, some that he has learnt in person from Uderzo. He also differs in opinion about the relative worth of the books (he likes the characters of Justforkix and Pepe, for example). For the sake of completeness I have included information gleaned from Kesslers book into my analyses. These are acknowledged with a ‘(Kessler)’.

*This has in fact happened.